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Domaine La Prevote Touraine Sauvignon 750ML
Sku: 3818
Product Rating
Product Information
Country: France
Region: Loire
Sub-Region: Touraine
Grape Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Type: Still wine
Reg. $10.99
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Wine maker notes
This wine has a remarkable bouquet, ingerent of theSauvignon grape variety, in which different flower and citrus fruit aromas light up. Both supple and round, it will go well with seafood and fish, and can accompany perfectly all kinds of goat cheese. To be drunk young and at a temperature between 7 and 10 C.

The History Georges BONNIGAL, founded the wine-estate Domaine de la Prevote in the very heart of the Touraine-Amboise wine region on the slopes dominating the Loire Valley in 1927. Then, in the fifties, his son Jacques, assisted by his wife Bernadette, took up the torch and expanded the estate that now includes in particular the ”Vieux Palais”, the ancient auditorium or hall of justice of the Royal Prevote (XIV). Today, the brothers Serge and Pascal Bonnigal, assited by their family continue to develop this beautiful wine estate with the same passion and perseverance. Thus, several generations of authentic winegrowers succeeded and bequeathed from father to son the master art on which this tgraditional quest for quality is based. The Vineyard The Touraine area has had a predilection for wine culture for more than 2000 years now and offers a soft and harmonious countryside through which the Loire River flows majestically to the ocean. The vineyards of Domaine de la Prevote brighten up on the slopes of the right bank of this Royal River. The vineyards represent today more then 60 hectares, situated in the villages Limeray, Cangey and Poce sur Cisse. The grape varieties cultivated are : Cabernet Franc,Gamay, and Cot Malbec for the red and rose wines and Sauvignon, Chenin and Chardonnay for the white wines. Bdcause they wish to guarantee a very high quality of their products the Domaine de la Prevote has turned resolutely to the process of long lasting wine groswing. Therefore Serge and Pascal Bonnigal impose uponthemselves, methods of cultivating wine by respecting the environment and the soil and they use oenological principles that respect above all the consumers. The Cellar Domaine de la Prevote offers you an exceptional site in a very old tufa-stone quarry in the very heart of the LIMERAY Village. Dug more than 600 years ago in the famous tufa-stone of the Touraine area the Domaine de la Prevote cellars are a real sanctuary for wines. It’s here that the different vintages are raised, with passion and stringency, respecting the specifications imposed by the ”appellation d’origine controlee”. The winemaking combines Traditional Know-How and modern oenological techniques. This is the way to verify and control rigorously the pressing of the wine, the assembly of the vintages and the bottling

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